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Yellow background with scattered coffee beans and a Holy Grounds labeled 12oz coffee bag.  There is also a Holy Grounds labeled 10oz coffee mug filled with coffee beans towards the top of the image.  There is a yellow flower pot and yellow floer towards top left of the image.

Great Coffee, 

With a Greater Purpose

Brew up a difference today

Our Favorites




Smooth, Rich, Chocolate Syrup

Single Origin



Citrus, Dark Chocolate


Do Good


Smooth, Cocoa, Nuttiness


Coffee With a Purpose

Holy Grounds Coffee began in May 2021 as a program of St. John of God Community Services, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our organization has a mission to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and to create a hospitable space where people may experience dignity and respect. Based in Westville, New Jersey, this St. John of God location provides multi-dimensional services to individuals and families throughout each stage of life. 


Our hardworking employees roast, weigh, and grind all of our coffee to provide you with great coffee, with an even greater purpose!

The Holy Grounds Approach

As a mission based non profit organization, we strive to make a difference across all of our communities. Therefore, we seek out sustainable coffees that directly impact the communities that grow them.


Non- Profit

Fair Trade

With our overall mission being to provide compassionate hospitality to all, we hope that our sustainable business practices may make a difference across many communities.  Whether the coffee is fair trade certified and organically grown like our Honduras COMSA Lot, or sourced from women owned farms to create financial empowerment like our Mexico Mayan Harvest, your purchase will continue to impact communities all over the world.


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