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  • What is Holy Grounds Coffee?
    Holy Grounds Coffee was created as an adult employment program within St. John of God Community Services. This program serves to provide meaningful jobs for our adult clients with special needs who are integrated into every aspect of Holy Grounds Coffee. Our clients assist in roasting the coffee, maintaining inventory, grinding and packaging the coffee. From the bag design to that first sip of coffee, our clients are fully part of the Holy Grounds experience.
  • How is Holy Grounds Coffee a non-profit?
    By being a program within St. John of God Community Services, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Holy Grounds Coffee is both mission based and a non-profit. All proceeds from our sales are reinvested into everything that we do so that we can continue to have an impact on our community and those who need us. You can be confident that your purchase provides more than just a bag of coffee!
  • Where is Holy Grounds Coffee located?
    Holy Grounds Coffee is located in Westville, New Jersey in the St. John of God Community Services building. We encourage coffee orders to be picked up from this location, but we also ship domestically! The address is 1147 Delsea Dr, Building A, Westville, New Jersey 08093, United States.
  • Is Holy Grounds Coffee a cafe?
    Holy Grounds Coffee is currently not a cafe but is instead an online coffee retailer. However, with our physical location being at the St. John of God Community Services building in Westville, NJ we do offer in person pick up of all orders through our website. However, coffee can currently only be purchased online.
  • Where is the coffee sourced from?
    We source coffee from all over the world through our provider, Bellwether Coffee. Bellwether partners with many farms and communities across the world after a serious and in depth vetting process. By purchasing coffee through Bellwether, we can be confident that the coffee is sustainably sourced, free of child and slave labor, and priced fairly to provide these hardworking communities with a livable wage. Additionally, Bellwether directly invests into communities to help them continue to grow and improve their living conditions. We are proud of each and every coffee that we provide, and we hope that you love them just as much as we do!
  • How is the coffee roasted?
    Using a state of the art Bellwether roaster, we are able to small batch roast all coffee in house. Depending on the coffee, we roast it to a light, medium, medium-dark, or dark roast to try and optimize the flavor profile. Each batch of coffee is roasted in 6lb quantities, which ensures a consistent and deeply cared for coffee roast. Along with this, our clients and employees are thoroughly trained on how to use the roaster, making it a simple and easy process for all. After roasting, we let the coffee beans degas for 2-3 days to ensure a flavorful and flawless batch of coffee.
  • What coffees do you recomend?
    We recommend our Do Good blend as it was created with the everyday coffee drinker in mind, while still showcasing the best we have to offer. This coffee is sweet with a nice cocoa and nutty flavor profile that is easy to enjoy. This coffee also embodies our mission of doing good for others, and we hope it inspires you to do the same!
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