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Coffee Brewing: The Do's and Don'ts

Everybody loves that perfect cup of coffee. From a perfectly sweet and balanced brew to a bold and full body roast, there is so much to love about your coffee. While there are hundreds of different ways to brew that perfect cup, here are some general Do's and Don'ts to master your coffee:

Coffee Brewing Do's:

Use Fresh Coffee Beans

Coffee is primarily made up of two ingredients- coffee and water. Therefore you want to make sure you are optimizing both of those ingredients! By using fresh ground coffee, you can avoid stale and off putting flavors by preserving the natural aroma and taste of the coffee beans. Using high quality and specialty grade coffee also ensures that you get more flavor out of every cup!

Use Filtered Water

As mentioned above, coffee is made up of 98% water. Make sure to use clean fresh water that is free of impurities or off flavors so that you can get that crisp cup of joe.

Use Ideal Brewing Techniques

Using ideal brewing techniques and tools will help get the most out of your coffee. Coffee brewers like a French Press, Moka Pot, Aeropress, Pour Over, and Drip Coffee brewers are trusted ways of brewing a great cup. These tools have been refined over the years to create a quality cup of coffee.

Do Measure Your Coffee and Water

By using a consistent ratio, you can dial in your cup of coffee and ensure that it is not over or under extracted. The golden ratio for coffee is 1:18, meaning that for every 1 gram of coffee, you should add 18 grams of water. This of course varies depending on the brewing style and time, but it is a great starting point to refine your own recipe.

Do Try Experimenting

Making a great cup of coffee will be different for everybody. Find your own ideal cup by experimenting with new brew styles, water temperature, coffee grind size, brewing time, and more! Try tweaking one of these factors at a time until you settle on that perfect cup of joy!

Coffee Brewing Don'ts:

Don't Use Old Coffee

As coffee is exposed to oxygen, it can become stale and lose many of its natural flavors that we love. Try to use fresh coffee beans that have been properly stored to maximize their flavor.

Don't Overlook Coffee Type

Coffee flavors change drastically depending on the type of coffee and its roast level. Single origin coffees from East Africa may have a fruitier taste, while Colombian and Latin American coffees have those rich chocolatey and nutty notes that is cherished in coffee. The roast levels of these coffees will impact their flavors as well. We try to use a roast level that showcases the best a coffee has to offer. Finding your preferred type of coffee and flavor profile is crucial in enjoying your coffee everyday.

Don't Neglect Your Equipment

Many coffee brewers are delicate and precise machines that require proper cleaning to maintain a clean taste. Coffee can impart many flavors onto your brewers over time, so spending time to properly clean them will be important. This is especially crucial for drip machines as they have many intricate moving parts that can become clogged with old coffee.

Don't Buy Cheap Coffee

I know this may just sound like a sales pitch, but cheaper coffee is simply worse in every way. Cheaper coffee is not only lower quality with a worse taste, but it is often sourced in unethical ways from low income countries. These low cost coffees come with the unethical cost of child labor and unsustainable farming practices that destroy farmlands.

All of our coffees are ethically sourced and support their farmers beyond the price we pay for them. We also provide insight into all of our coffees on their respective product pages so you know exactly what you're buying. We try to fairly price our coffee so that we can be both fair to our customers, but also to the hardworking farmers who supply our coffee.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

The world of coffee making can quickly become overwhelming and you may now feel that you are doing everything wrong. But its okay! At the end of the day, coffee is a subjective experience and you can feel no shame in brewing it however you like it. We are here to help at every step of the way as we continue to learn coffee along with you!


For a unique and fruity coffee experience, check out our newest Pomegranate blend! Crafted from Colombian and East Java coffee beans, this blend is filled with natural fruity flavors that will be sure to wow you!

Picture of Holy Grounds Coffee Bag with the Pomegranate Blend logo.  To the right is a cut orange and a pomegranate surrounded by a wreath.

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