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The BEST Way To Make Cold Brew Coffee!

A mason jar filled with cold brew coffee next to a small glass of milk.

What is cold brew coffee? What does cold brew coffee taste like? Why should you make cold brew? Is cold brew better than any other coffee?

We'll be answering all things cold brew and more in this ultimate guide to cold brew coffee!

A large mason jar filled with cold brew coffee next to a small glass filled with cold brew coffee and ice.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is not the same as regular iced coffee. Iced coffee is simply traditional, hot brewed coffee that has been chilled and iced down, while cold brew is its own unique brewing method that creates a crisp cup of joe. However, brewing cold brew is a very simple process and well worth the small effort that it takes.

What does cold brew taste like?

While regular hot coffee can often times taste bitter, cold brew coffee has a much smoother and sweeter taste. This comes from the extraction process of the coffee beans, as the flavors are slowly pulled out during the 12-20 hour brewing process. This brewing process sounds long and time consuming, but we promise the hardest part is simply patience!

This long brewing process gives the cold brew a full body flavor that is less bitter than traditional hot coffee. This process also pulls out more caffeine from the coffee beans than regular hot coffee, so cold brew is sure to give you the energy that you need to conquer the day!

What type of coffee is best for cold brew?

Choosing the right coffee for cold brew is an important step in establishing the overall flavor profile. With cold brew having a naturally smooth and bold flavor, we believe that medium to dark roasts coffee beans work the best. These roast levels bring out strong flavors from coffee that work perfectly in a cold brew.

Luckily for you, we developed a fantastic cold brew blend that combines three different coffee roasts to deliver a smooth, chocolatey cold brew. This cold brew blend was designed with the everyday coffee lover in mind, as it creates a rich and smooth flavor filled with notes of chocolate and sweetness that work great as a black coffee, or with some milk and sugar. If you are new to cold brew, then this is the perfect coffee blend for you!

How do you make cold brew?

Making cold brew is a very simple process that takes about five minutes of actual prep time. Even better, if you brew a large enough batch, cold brew will last in your fridge for up to a week! This gives you quick access to delicious coffee all week long! Ingredients:

Brewing Process:

  • Grind your coffee. You want a coarse grind as this will allow the coffee flavors to be absorbed by the water without being to finely ground to turn into mud. If you do not grind your own coffee make sure to buy coarse ground coffee.

  • Grab your brewing container. We recommend using the CoffeeSock Cold Brew Kit, as the hand-knit filters are easy to use and last for up to a year. These organic cotton filters help to absorb extra oils released by the coffee beans, which helps to brew a cleaner, more crisp cup of cold brew.

  • Fill your container with coffee beans. If you are using the Coffee Sock Cold Brew kit, then fill the coffee sock with beans. We suggest a 5 to 1 ratio of water to coffee (five cups of water per one cup of coarse coffee grinds).

  • Add water. Your coffee can only be as good as your water, so using fresh, filtered water will be the best option. Follow the ratio described above but ensure all beans are saturated with water.

  • Let it brew! This is the hardest part of the entire process because you now have to wait for 12-20 hours! Trust us, it is well worth it. We suggest letting the coffee brew in the fridge for 18 hours overnight.

  • Make it your own! This is your cold brew. Try out different brewing lengths, maybe 12 hours at room temperature, maybe 20 hours in the fridge. Maybe use more or less water and try a 3 to 1 ratio, or even a 7 to 1 ratio. This is your cold brew and you should experiment with it until you find the perfect flavor and strength.

  • Remove the coffee beans. If you used the coffee sock, pull it out and discard of the coffee beans. They work great as a compost! If you did not use the coffee sock, filter out the beans using a paper filter.

  • Enjoy! After patiently waiting all day and night you can finally reap your reward of a perfect cup of cold brew. Try adding extra water to dilute the flavor, or even add some milk and creamer. Always taste test your cold brew black as you'll be amazed with how smooth and flavorful it can be.

Two men in frame wearing Holy Grounds Coffee aprons.  The man on the left is holding two Coffee Sock Cold Brew Kits that are 64oz and 32oz big.  The man on the right is holding the Holy Grounds Coffee Venegas Cold Brew Blend.
Coffee Sock Cold Brew Kits and Venegas Cold Brew Blend

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