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Mother's Day Gift Basket



Women Owned Coffee Farms

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The perfect Mother’s Day gift basket curated for coffee moms. Our dark roast Honduras coffee is a staff favorite, with its velvety notes of dark chocolate and citrus. Our medium roast Guatemala coffee is exclusive to this bundle, offering an exciting addition to our single origin coffees. Its complex and vibrant tasting notes include fudge, plum, and honey. This is a delightful coffee to do a pour-over at home and pairs excellently with milk.


This bundle includes:

• 12 oz Guatemala- Medium

• 12 oz Honduras- Dark

• 10oz Black Coffee Mug

• A thank you card from our clients

• Gift Basket

Produced by the ACODIHUE cooperative in Guatemala, this specialty coffee is a hand-picked and refined selection of only 22% of their annual harvest. Manos De Mujer, meaning ‘Women’s Hands’, is grown exclusively by indigenous women and funds programs to support their families and community